Elasticsearch – InvalidSnapshotNameException

 InvalidSnapshotNameException If you are getting the InvalidSnapshotNameException exception in elasticsearch while creating the snapshot for the indices. { “error”:”InvalidSnapshotNameException[[snapshot_name_goes_here:logstash_2016_March] Invalid snapshot name [logstash_2016_March], must be lowercase]”, “status”:400 } From the exception itself, It is clearly shown that, Elasticsearch accepts only lower-case name for snapshot, This is applicable for both Snapshot and Indices as well. If you…

Elasticsearch Cluster

Install and Configure Elasticsearch cluster on multinode for Production

Elasticsearch Cluster setup Installing and configuring Elasticsearch cluster for production purpose. Elastic search is one of the popular full-text search engine, used for real time distributed search  and analysis of data. In my previous post, we have seen “How to install and configure Elasticsearch in single node” . Single node will be used for development…

HBase Auth

HBase Authorization Cheat sheet

In this article we will look into HBase Authorization, different access levels and its scopes. Here are the list of Access levels. For granting the permission for users and groups are defined here. You can grant permission on global, table, namespace column family or cell level. When you give permission on the group level, keep…