This is one example of a transfer in the event that the company receives revenue from what it has created itself. In another bot importance, from Global Negotiator, Build Operate Transfer is the creation and management of a production facility or services for a specified period after the transfer to a local government. And it is mainly used to finance heavy or complex infrastructure projects in developing countries that cannot finance a project on its own. But as you can see, this definition is more a matter of international and interstate relations. Build Operate transfer contracts can be signed between companies and between countries. A Construction Transaction Transfer (BOT) is an agreement under which an investor commits to build, finance and exploit a certain infrastructure value (e.g. airport. B, port, power plant, water distribution, etc.) for a specified period of time before transferring the value of the infrastructure to the government. The duration of such an agreement is generally long enough for the investor to re-take back the investment costs associated with building the infrastructure by applying a tariff or user fee during the period during which he operates the infrastructure. After discovering what the construction company transfer model is, let`s now see what its benefits are and why it is so popular. For example, we have two small IT companies and one of those companies has created a particular product.

Suppose it creates an application that helps design pages of simple and convenient goals for the provision of services or the sale of goods. And everything would be fine, but if there were more ready models that potential customers of the company could use, and that would be great. But the problem is, the company is small, it has the necessary number of employees and they are all responsible for specific tasks on the work on the product and its development. And none of them have the time, strength or skills to create and develop these models. And that`s where the second company it comes in with the IT outsourcing services construction company to help. Because this company is just busy solving these kinds of problems.