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This article is based on my experience. I have attended this workshop as part our academic course, was organised by CIRDepartment of Corporate and Industry Relations, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham Amritapuri. And the session was taken by Paul Mathew. We group of 29 students attended the Afternoon2nd session and our other friends attended morning session. Through this workshop I have learned how to express ourselves, self acceptance, confidence, etc… I am going to explain you, what kind of experience I got through this workshop.

Most of the corporate people(mainly working in IT industry) have good knowledge and skills, but they don’t know how to express it. This is one of the main barrier in their career, stopping them to achieve their goal. Though they are good in their area of interest(Technically), then what is stopping them to express themselves ?

The answer is

  • Fear of falling and 

  • Fear of public speaking.

  • Paul Mathew quoted Amma’s metaphor We are all like mud pots in the ocean, same water is there in the pot and the ocean, but definitely both are different, separated and isolated until the pot breaks.  This is applied to most of us. We are building a cage(jail or wall) around us and thinking that I can do this, I can’t do that, I like that, I don’t like this… We are setting boundary for us and we don’t want to come out of that circle(cage) to know who we are and what we can do, because we are thinking that, what others think of me if I do that. If you have this attitude in your mind, really you are not going to achieve anything in your life, though you are skilled. Others may laugh at you, they may pass comment on you, but never mind what others think about you. Then you will be the successful person, you can achieve you goal easily.

    For doing silly or childish things, we have to become child. Adult can not do silly things, because they are matured and know it is silly, but child doesn’t know. Adult can not learn silly things until they change their mindset.

    Paul Mathew asked us to introduce ourselves, not like a professional way, just name.

    How do professional introduce: Name then where he is from, his profession, experience, achievement  and so on.

    But he asked us to say our name in different manner. Every one of us has to say their name by doing some actions, and others have to act like the same way how he/she did. Here every one has to do unique actions. We all did it energetically, where I said my name by jumping one step forward.

    Expression:  Body language is more powerful than words. 

    He gave us a small sentence, I want to talk to you. And he gave us 4 situations, we have to point out someone and say “I want to talk to you” depends on the situation and the pointed person should point another person and so on, but not his/her immediate right/left person.


  • Angry

  • Amazing

  • Sorrow and

  • Happy

  • We all acted good, Soon after each and every situation, he explains how our body changes accordingly, for example: when we get angry our eyes become big, we look tensed, during happy moment we will laugh, in sorrow we lost all our energy and look tired. So when he explains each and every changes, once again I imagined how I acted and felt, how my body reacts to that situation. I have accepted the character and the situation, so I did well, not only me, but others too.

    No matter what the situation, character, difficulty is. Once you are ready to accept it, you will automatically be involved into the character and finally you will become the character itself.

    Acting is not the difficult job unless we accept it. we are always acting. We are acting as a students for our teachers, son/daughter for our parents, friends, enemies, stranger and so on, because we normally accepted it.

    By the time all of us got relaxed, confident, energy and we broke that mud pot and mixed with the sea waterWe destroyed our wall and came out, no barrier. Paul gave us 20 minutes break, we had tea and cookies.

    Soon after the break our last session starts. We are divided into two groups and he gave topics(a real time situation) to each team. We have to perform a tableau. And the situation given to us was Thief and railway platform. Where the other team was given a theme Hanging a freedom fighter. And we have to identify each and every character and theme of the other team members and vice versa.  We all did a great job today. We learned how to express ourselves, how to act and apart from that we had lots and lots of fun.

    Your views are also welcome.

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