In this article I am going to tell you, how to download YouTube videos using simple command line tool.

For that you need to install youtube-dl a small command line program. This program runs on Unix, Windows, Linux and Mac OS X also. For this you need to have python version 2.6, 2.7 or 3.3+  in your machine.

Linux users can install the program using

$sudo apt-get install youtube-dl  

windows users can download file here YouTube-gl

Once you installed the program, open your browser and go to YouTube and search the video you want.

Download videos:

  • Get the link- either get the link from address bar or right click video and copy video URL

  • Open your Terminal, use the following command

  • $youtube-dl <options> <video URL>

    This will download your video in desired format you want. If you doesn’t provide option, then it will download video in any available high quality format.

    You can get help by, this will list all available options

    $youtube-dl -h or $youtube-dl  – -help

    This program is released under public domain, you are allowed to modify and redistribute it. If you are interested in contributing to this project or need source code , you can find  here.

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