TeradataTeradata ODBC Driver

Here I have described steps to install Teradata ODBC Drivertdodbc in RedHat machine.



  • Unix ODBC Driver.
  • Korn Shell.
  • OS – RedHat 5.X, 6.X and 7.X

ODBC Dependencies.

  • TeraGSS Client – Teradata Global Security Services.
  • Tdicu – Shared common components for Internationalization Teradata.

Dependencies come with tdodbc package (tar.gz file).


Download teradata ODBC driver here or direct link here

For downloading ODBC Driver, you need to have an account.

Once you download the tar file unzip it and you will see the dependencies, see the below Fig 1.

Untar the dependencies as well.

Teradata ODBC driver and dependencies

List of teradata ODBC Driver and dependencies


All the three packages does have RedHat package Managerrpm files.



rpm -ivh tdicu1510-



rpm -ivh TeraGSS_linux_x64-




rpm -ivh tdodbc1510- –nodeps

File Structure

My installation directory is  /opt/teradata/client/.

Once you have installed, check the installation directory, you will find the odbc.ini, libodbc.so, tdata.so and other files well. See the below Fig 2 and Fig 3


tdodbc file structure part 1

tdodbc file structure part 1

tdodbc file structure part 2

tdodbc file structure part 2

You will find odbc.ini file inside ODBC_32 and ODBC_64 directory. and other library files will reside in lib directory.


Include the below configurations in theodbc.ini Unix ODBC driver manager.

Description=NCR 3600 running Teradata V1R5.2
DBCName=<host IP Address>
DefaultDatabase=<default database>
Disable CALL to EXEC Conversion=Yes

Once the configuration is appended tot he Unix odbc driver manager file, then export the odbc file and library path or include in .bashrc file

See the below export command, for the library path, give your location of lib directory, where you have installed teradata ODBC diver in your machine.

export $ODBC=<path to unixodbcini file>
export $LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/Teradata/client/ODBC_64/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH



All the images are here

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