Under the agreement, First Nations are receiving forest properties and $15 million in financial assistance from the government to help them participate in the region`s economy. This is a $120 million fund already created jointly by the federal and provincial governments as well as environmental organizations. The negotiating agenda includes priority and long-term themes for reconciliation, which will redefine the relationship between the Haida Nation, Canada and the province. The agreement also commits to a range of good faith measures, which may include forestry measures, resources for governance capacities, social and cultural actions, business opportunities, and fisheries and sea issues. It also outlines a way forward, based on a series of agreements that, over time, build on each other to implement titles and rights. The majority of B.C. Kwakiutl is one of 14 nations that negotiated a series of agreements collectively known as the Douglas Contracts because they were overseen by then-Governor and fur trader James Douglas, known as the “Father of British Columbia.” “This agreement is the starting point and direction for the negotiation of a number of agreements that will lead step by step to the implementation of the Haida Title and the rights of Haida Gwaii. We have always said that negotiations are the way forward to resolve title and rights issues in British Columbia, and it is with this agreement that we are working with the Haida Nation to ensure security and stability for all.¬†First Nations described the agreement as an integration into future decisions and as a protection of the rainforest.