Improve the security of your home with additional refrigerators or air conditioners, pools, spas and more. Call 1-855-256-2467 for assistance or order additional coverage. 1 See terms and conditions and restrictions. Covered items must be in perfect condition at the time of activation. Some repairs and replacements may incur uncovered costs. VAT may apply to the prices provided. Coverage may vary from state to state. The Sears Home warranty is not available in AK or PR. If you are in Hawaii, call 1-844-602-5613 to register. 2 Visit to see all the details. I haven`t submitted any food loss yet, but my experience with this Sears plan has been absolutely terrible – it`s a scam!!! The fridge came out twice.

The first time I was denied my food because he couldn`t find anything, but he had to go back and put a new board. Kenmore Elite refrigerator that had a faulty LG compressor. It took Sears exactly 30 days to complete the repairs. During this time, it was necessary to buy another fridge as I have a family of four adults and we couldn`t live out of a cooler, especially for 30 days. In September, I received a partial cheque for $290 for food loss. 20.10.2018 In July 2018, I filed a claim for loss of food due to a 33 Cu. Ft. I explained that he would resubmit my request for food.

Nothing, the second time it was the fan and I left everything in the fridge except the milk and cookies that exploded so the repairer could see what I had lost and now they say they didn`t have a claim and they want me to submit it again. I asked to get the name of the repairman, and they didn`t want to give it to me. Our compressor died (surprise), it was replaced and repaired two days later. The temperature is like a roller coaster, so a com service will come out next week to diagnose the fridge and tell us if it is repairable. In the meantime, we have used the amount we originally paid. IMPRESSIVE! In fact, I Googled for a food refund phone number for Sears and came across this page/post. I let the service man out and he claims that no one is home. Never shown. I would try to cash the next check at the bank that Sears uses, but since I don`t have an account with their bank, I`m sure I`ll be charged a check exchange fee. So far, I`m over $300 for lost groceries, $12 in check fees returned from my bank, and $1200 for a refrigerator to replace the one-year refrigerator I paid $3000 for.

My question is, why would Sears issue cheques that it will not honour? A Sears technician caused the loss of my food and will not reimburse the food I lost. SEARS IS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I`VE EVER DEALT WITH. Ask for a supervisor in Executive Services. They told us we could get either $150 for a mini-fridge or $150 for food loss. We said loss of food and we will supposedly receive a check within two weeks. I`m not going to hold my breath yet. After not hearing anything about warranty service for several months, I only contacted them to let me know that after 30 days I waited to make my claim after the parts arrived and installed and the claim was denied. I have written letters to the CEO and consumer relations department regarding this refrigerator lemon, only to learn that you need to have 4 service calls with parts ordered and replaced before they can consider replacing the device. The food loss I`ve had is a wash, according to Sears. I got a call from a company representative just to get the same treatment. The repairman came out yesterday and said the fan motor had been started and he had to order a new one.

He will come back in August and install it. No way to freeze ice or keep food cold. I lost all my food for the month. I was stunned when I saw similar things happen to people! I`m in the middle of a fight to get a refund for food loss on my 1 year old Kenmore Elite from the lg French Door refrigerator! The short version is, freezer open one night and all food has been thawed! The fridge was cold. The next day, you do appt, for a WEEK later. I had very bad experiences. My 8 year old hot tub refrigerator broke 6 times – ventilation not working and food worth over $400 was lost in less than a year. The fridge started working a few days after I was plugged back in. Tech kam found nothing wrong. Well, the food reimbursement department states that they will not reimburse because.

Understand it!!. I UNPLUGGED MY FRIDGE!!! And when I plugged it back in, it started working. AS AN IDIOT, unplug the refrigerator, thaw and lose food, then plug it back in! True?!? Repairman sued for the loss while he was here. He gave me a number to call and check the status. I called and they continued to move me to different departments. One person said they had the claim and I would receive a cheque for the total loss. Visit My Account to file claims, check claim status, and manage your plan online. The next person I spoke to told me they didn`t have the claim. I went back and forth for an hour. I am totally disgusted. You can also make a claim at any time by visiting My Account. Or to schedule a preventive maintenance visit, call 1-855-256-2467.

I called and Sears came to tell me they had to order a fan and a motherboard. During the time it took for the coins to come in, everyone spoiled my frozen food. I called Sears Warranty Service because I had paid for a warranty and they advised me to fill out a food loss form, which I did. Since I first reported problems with my $3500.00 refrigerator not working properly, Sears has been at my home for 7 service calls due to the same issues. In the Meantine, I sit here and eat canned because I have no way to store food. I`m on Social Security and can`t afford to eat out or have another month of food. and not at Sears cares!!! I WENT THROUGH SIMILAR CONDITIONS – ONLY ONCE MY FREEZER WAS SUCCESSFULLY REPAIRED AND ONLY RECEIVED A CHECK FOR MY FOOD LOSS REALLY THAT WAS GOING BACK AND FORTH TO FIX MY FREEZER TOO MANY WEEKS, I JUST SUGGESTED THAT THEY SEND ME A NEW FREEZER AND THEY OWE ME $3,300 IN CHECKS FOR MY FOOD LOSS, BECAUSE I REALLY LOST FOOD IN A FREEZER THAT WASN`T WORKING. In the real world, it`s criminal and the transmitter can be prosecuted. Shame on you Sears for screwing up your customers.

I feel like they continue to make excuses for not having to pay. Troops shell Afghan rebel site U.S. forces, Afghanistan, the ap/CBS credits A B-52 bomber and two fighter jets bombed an alleged rebel position. Sears does not pay for spices that need to be refrigerated after opening. I deposited the cheque with my bank and it was not returned paid. Therefore, not only was I charged the $290 check, but also a $6.00 surcharge from the bank for the returned check. I contacted Sears about the cheque and was informed that another cheque would be issued and that Sears was not responsible for the $6.00 bank fee. You should have sent people right away to bring you a brand new replacement refrigerator and slide the one that wasn`t working. we had the same problems. A repairman said he used the part and never came back. Thank God the shops in my town are closing. NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN!!!!! I bought a new Kitchen Aid refrigerator in August 2017.

On 18.07.19, the refrigerator no longer works. U.S. research `suspects` Iraqi location U.S. troops, Iraq war, chemical weapons, Baghdad, Hussein, Saddam CBS U.S. troops have found thousands of boxes. Then the next week the second guy came, I asked for spare parts and he told me I had to call him. Technical calls late in the day and unfortunately I had the fridge unplugged after many days of operation and still not cold. In addition, there was the omission of the figure of the state, why it works. Tech explained that it has to work so that they can work on it. So I had to reschedule FOR A WEEK LATER! We`ll see how far it goes. My next step will be our local TV station if LG doesn`t keep its broken promises. Powell visits the site of the Iraqi massacre US Secretary of State Colin Powell, center, walks with L.

Paul Bremer, the CIVIL ADMINISTRATOR of the United States. I tried to answer his call several times just so the calls went to voicemail. KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA KARMA FOR THE TERRIBLE WAY YOU TREATED CONSUMERS. I HOPE THEY GO BANKRUPT AND GO COMPLETELY BANKRUPT. The piece would have been recommissioned, but never ordered. Problems one after the other. In October, I received a replacement cheque for $290. Well, it was also returned unpaid and once again, my bank charged me $6.00 more. I contacted Sears and was told that checks issued before 10/15/2018 would not be considered.

I was told that another cheque would be written. .