Early COVID-19: What we saw in the early days of COVID was simply confusion on every level, because it happened so fast – which frankly shook global markets. Millions were laid off during the pandemic and 20.5 million American jobs were lost in April. However, some companies have recruited thousands of new employees to keep up with changing consumer demands and distribution habits. However, some employers may have gone too deep (especially in talent acquisition departments) and have now figured out that they need to re-engage and hire quickly to gain a competitive advantage. Suddenly, there is a new wave of talent that employers have not seen for many years due to the historical series of overall employment figures. Since COVID-19 has upset many people, the talent pool has grown significantly. Something we haven`t seen in years. Below we will discuss direct parameters, contract-to-hire and temporary processes and the best situations in which they can be used. There are plenty of headhunters and professional personnel agencies, but it`s important that you take the time to do your research and find the one that best fits your business. Finally, the conclusion of a tenure contract is a significant commitment and investment. So you should know what to expect and be sure to feel safe and comfortable with your decision. It`s also important to make sure your direct lease covers all the bases it should so there are no surprises.

We`ve put together a list of some key things to look for in your direct rental agreement. Using a staff agency to help you fill open direct recruitment positions offers a number of benefits for both your company and the candidate. Here`s a brief overview of five highlights: If you want to set up a professional staffing agency or headhunter to fill your company`s direct recruiting positions, there are many factors to consider. You`ve probably already thought about your hiring needs, future goals, timelines, and budget – but what you may not have wondered is, “What should I pay attention to as part of a direct recruitment contract from a staffing agency?” At the beginning of this recession, we thought we would see an increase in contract-to-hire compared to direct rental intermediaries. On request, Joe Matalone – PPE – had a great response to why he thinks direct settings are now skyrocketing. .