Each action has a duration of 00:33:20 and requires 7.9 energy to be completed. . Agreements are the alternative currency used in trade. They cannot be exchanged or discarded. Trade tasks are trade tasks that require agreements and you can get a random loot as a product. . Therian Saga is a MMORPG that tries to stand out from the crowd by offering compelling storytelling, surrounded by a set of massive mathematical rules that defines the world in which your hero will grow. You could say it lends elements of old MUD games, strategy games and even RPG tables. You make a high-level partner. Keep the work hard and quality.

. An Intel Core 2 duo U7600 processor is required at least to run Therian Saga. The minimum memory requirement for Therian Saga is 512MB of RAM installed on your computer. The cheapest graphics card you can play it on is an NVIDIA GeForce 6200. As for the size of the game file, you will need at least 250MB of free space. how to level trading capacity, I`m at 8, thank you.