(b) either by the parent company or by the company: (i) if the merger was not completed before September 21, 2013, or if the marketing period has begun and is in effect on that date, the second business day following the end of the marketing period (the “termination date”); to the extent that neither party has the right to terminate this agreement in accordance with this section 7.1 (b) (b) if an act of that party or that party`s failure to comply with or comply with the agreements and agreements reached by that party in this agreement is the main cause of the failure of the merger to be completed by the termination date and that such or non-compliance with an infringement constitutes a violation. This agreement if, at the time of termination, all closing conditions except the condition in Section 6.1 (d) (except for conditions that must be met by their nature, if these conditions can reasonably be met) are met at the time of the termination date, either the parent company or the parent company, after written notification, may unilaterally extend the termination date by 90 days. others until the termination date, in which case the termination date is deemed extended for all purposes; however, with respect to such a unilateral extension by the parent company or parent company, the termination date will only be extended for the duration (no more than 90 days) during which the debt financing obligation (or a debt financing obligation that complies with Section 5.16 requirements) will be extended in all cases , after the extension of the same date, if it exists, will be extended; However, if the transaction is not completed by the termination date following a financing failure, the parent company may terminate the agreement, notwithstanding the first condition under this clause 7.1(b) (i), so that the parent company can terminate the agreement in accordance with Section 7.1 (b) v). In order to avoid any doubt, the agreement should not be interpreted as requiring parents to apply for or obtain an extension of the debt financing obligation (or to seek, after 21 September 2013, an alternative debt financing obligation in accordance with the requirements of Section 5.16). (ii) when the entity or a higher entity receives a final notification or statement, oral or written, from a gaming authority or the staff of a gaming authority, that a higher unit will not receive the game authorization necessary to meet the condition set out in Section 6.1(d); Provided that neither party has the right to terminate the agreement pursuant to this section 7.1 (b) (b) if an act of that party or that party`s failure to comply with or comply with the agreements and arrangements set out in this Agreement were the main reason for the refusal of such a gambling authority or, in the first place, , have led such an authority to grant such a game permit; (iii) where a competent court or other state body has rendered a judgment, injunction, injunction, decision, decision or decree or taken other measures that reject, impose, impose, otherwise prohibit any of the transactions, orders, orders, orders or other measures provided for in this agreement, and those decisions, orders, regulations or other measures are final and not questionable; Provided that the party wishing to denounce the agreement pursuant to this section 7.1 (b) has done its best to challenge, challenge and quash the judgment, order, order, decision or decree, decision or other measure covered in Section 5.7; The court found that the defendant`s position, even though it “did not really affect its position – it claimed that it was not responsible and that the law clearly justified the correctness of its case,” the defendant`s position was “taken in a good faith attitude towards the transaction” that was consistent with the law`s policy on promoting early termination of litigation.